Mother Of 4 Scalped In Matter Of Seconds, Sends Urgent Warning To All Women

If your car has broken down and you don’t have the time or means to call for a mechanic, chances are that you’ll pop the hood open to try and solve the issue yourself. But for those with long hair who don’t quickly pull it back in a secure ponytail or bun, it could be a fatal decision. Alon Abare learned that lesson the hard way in a freak accident. Now, she is doing her best to educate others so they won’t make the same mistake she did. When her car broke down, she couldn’t afford to call a mechanic, so she opened up the hood and bent down to see what was wrong while the car was running to see what was wrong.

Suddenly, Abare’s head was yanked forward and slammed against the car, and her entire head erupted in excruciating pain. She had no idea what had happened, and all she could do was scream. Luckily, Abare’s four children heard her screams and rushed to find her. If they hadn’t been around or simply hadn’t been close enough to detect her cries, Abare could have passed away from her injuries.

What had happened? Abare’s long hair had gotten caught in the car’s fan belt as it ran, and it yanked her towards the car engine. The extent of her injuries is quite severe, and it’s lucky that she got to the hospital on time. Watch the video to find out exactly what happened.

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