Seconds After Taking The Ice, Skater’s Unusual Routine Has Crowd Blushing In Disbelief

Figure skating is one of those sports that looks graceful and beautiful but takes tons of effort, training, strength, and coordination to pull off that way. Audiences have been wowed by the feats of figure skaters for years, with the talent and skill placed into every trick and routine! Evgeni Plushenko was just one of many skaters who had the crowd on their feet – but he did so in an unorthodox way! The Russian figure skater – who has won two gold and two silver Olympic medals – has always been known for his tendency to enjoy performing comedic skating routines.

Image Credit: Facebook/Figure Skating Life 17 years ago, this infamous and hilarious performance was born! In a bright red jacket, Plushenko began his routine gently swaying to the tune of “Sex Bomb” by Tom Jones, which will probably strike some as a very odd choice for a skating routine. But from the beginning, the audience could already sense his comedic genius!

Image Credit: Facebook/Figure Skating Life As the song went on, Plushenko suavely removed his red jacket and showed off a skintight gold vest beneath, immediately making the audience go wild! And then came and even bigger surprise – when the vest was also shed, revealing an unnaturally muscular physique underneath – courtesy of a local costume store!

Evgeni Plushenko EX "Sex Bomb"

#ThrowbackThursday It's been a long time since the king Plushenko performed his exhibition "Sex Bomb". But it's still a masterpiece and every time I watch this, I can't stop laughing! 😂😂😂

Original video:
Credits to: prednost
Music: „Sexbomb“ by Tom Jones

Posted by Figure Skating Life on Wednesday, 8 February 2017

The crowd was in tears for laughter by this point! But despite the humor in his routine, Plushenko didn’t forget to throw in some amazing tricks and turns to show off his impeccable skill. Nicely done! Till today, many still fondly remember this wonderful show put on by this talented and hilarious skater!

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