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Woman Finds Lost & Confused Bee, Then They Form The Most Precious Friendship

We’ve heard of plenty of unlikely friendships between people and animals, but this one might just take the top spot for strangest but cutest weird friendship!

Image Credit: N/A When Fiona Presly was gardening in her home in Scotland, she chanced upon a queen bumblebee that seemed very confused and disoriented. When she picked up the bee, she noticed that the bee didn’t have any wings. Fiona tried to help her by giving her a bit of sugar water and gently placing her on top of one of her flowers.

Image Credit: N/A A few hours later, Fiona came back around and noticed that the bee hadn’t moved! A storm was approaching, so she decided to bring the bee into her home for the time being. She rung up the Bumblebee Conservation Trust herself to ask for advice, and after some discussion, they came to the conclusion that the bee had a rare virus that prevented her wings from developing, meaning she wouldn’t survive long if left out in the wild.

Image Credit: N/A That’s when Fiona decided to give this bee the best life she could! She set up a small little garden for the bumblebee, who she decided to officially name Bee, full of flowers that could be easily walked onto. To ward off other bugs and creatures, Fiona put up some netting so Bee could enjoy her private buffet in peace. Fiona stopped by often to provide Bee with sugar water when needed and to bring Bee in when the weather was looking sour.

Image Credit: N/A But Fiona couldn’t help noticing a bond forming between her and Bee. When she put out her hand, Bee would immediately perk up and happily climb onto her. Being part of a species of very sociable insects, it’s not hard to imagine that Bee genuinely enjoyed the company of another creature.

Image Credit: N/A Most queen bumblebees pass away when autumn comes around, but Bee outlived them, proving that the care given to her was what was keeping her so alive. Sadly, eventually, five months after being rescued, Bee went to sleep in Fiona’s hand and never woke up. Although Fiona was sad, she knew that Bee had already lived longer than she should have. She buried the little one in the garden with her favorite flower.

Image Credit: N/A Since then, Fiona has looked at insects in a whole new way, and she truly believes that they did share a strong, if unusual, bond to each other.

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