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Jeff Bridges Returns As The Dude From "˜The Big Lebowski' in New Super Bowl Ad

Are you all excited about the Super Bowl? The Super Bowl LIII is an upcoming American football game between the two-time defending American Football Conference champion New England Patriots and the National Football Conference champion Los Angeles Rams to determine the winner of the National Football League for the 2018 season, and it starts on February 3rd and it one of the most significant events in sport.

There are a lot of celebrities performing on the half-time, and CBS will televise it. However, there are a lot of stars who film an advertisement for the Super Bowl, and this one is the best one yet. We have Jeff Bridges, and he returns as the dude from "˜The Big Lebowski' in the new Super Bowl ad, and it is incredible! After a big fuss on the Internet, some social media posts were suggesting a comeback for the Dude, the fantastic character from The Big Lebowski; Jeff Bridges has revealed the return of the Dude with a great beer commercial.

On Thursday Bridges had tweeted a 15-second video saying: "Can't be living in the past, man. Stay tuned." It set off a torrential slide of intrigue, and more than 200,000 preferences, with many emphasizing, requires a spin-off of the 1998 Coen siblings film The Big Lebowski, which started the character. A dateline toward the end "“ for 3 February 2019 "“ recommended it identified with a business debuting at the Super Bowl. However, Bridges has ended speculations over a Big Lebowski sequel by also tweeting a commercial for Stella Artois that which lasts 45 seconds.

In the commercial, he is joined by the 'Sex and the City' character Carrie Bradshaw, the star Sarah Jessica Parker where they surprise the bar staff with their drink orders. Instead of him ordering White Russian and Carrie drinking her Cosmo they both order Stella Artois. The commercial is also linked to the Stella Artois campaign for providing clean drinking water in the developing world.

They have partnered up with Water.org to help fight the global water crisis. On the off chance that anybody feels disappointed they won't get the opportunity to see Bridges play his most notable character as a super-chill senior resident in a full-length motion picture or irritated this was in support of an item, they should realize that it's for a good cause.

What do you think about this fantastic commercial? Tell us below in our comment section! The Dude abides in this new Super Bowl ad. This video, "Jeff Bridges Returns As The Dude From "˜The Big Lebowski' in New Super Bowl Ad", first appeared on nowthisnews.com.