Georgia Woman Discovers She’s Pregnant While Giving Birth in Car: ‘It’s a Miracle He’s Alive’

Imagine waking up to intense pains in your stomach.

You blame it on the food you ate last night or your upcoming period. But then a few hours later – you become a first time mom!

That’s exactly what happened to Quanesha Hulett.

The 24-year-old from Georgia didn’t know she was pregnant until her baby “fell out of her” while on the way to the hospital.

But thanks to a fast-acting police officer mom and baby are doing well.

“Officer Martin Davis saved his life,” Quanesha Hulett tells PEOPLE. “It’s a miracle he’s alive.”

Hulett, of Waverly, Georgi delivers mail for the USPS.

She was at work on Monday delivering Amazon packages when she began to feel sick.


“I got off at 2:30 and was going to go home shower and nap,” she says.

“But my stomach hurt so much, so I called my mom to come home and take me to the hospital.”

Unable to drive because of the intense pain, Quanesha laid in the back seat of her car.

Then to her horror she realized “something was coming out of her.”


It was in that moment that she realized she was giving birth.

“I felt something drop, hit the car seat and start to cry,” Hulett recalls. “I was in so much shock I passed out. I really thought I was dreaming.”

The next thing she knew the police had arrived and her baby boy wasn’t breathing.

Little Quincy was had a clogged airway.

Officer Davis started to do finger compressions on him and thankfully resuscitated the boy.

“He’s a hero,” says Hulett, who was in one ambulance while Quincy was in another heading for the hospital. “Everyone was going crazy and freaking out.”


Doctors determined that although Quanesha never received prenatal care, Quincy was born healthy at 6 pounds, 4 ounces.

He was able to go home after three days of being monitored in the hospital.

Officer Davis came back to the hospital to visit the new mom.

“I’m so lucky. So many things could have gone wrong.”

Tribune News

Quanesha says that she didn’t know she was pregnant because she had continued to get her period.

She also didn’t gain a noticeable amount of weight.

It was only the weekend before her dramatic birth that she began to feel nauseous and lost her appetite.

“I have to learn to be a mom right now,” she says, “I had less than 48 hours to become responsible and become someone’s mom. It’s a process and a journey. I recently said I wasn’t going to have kids for a while.”


Quanesha was saving her money to move out of her mom’s house, but she laughs at that thought now.

“I’ve put all of my savings into this baby,” she says, adding that she has a huge support system who is there for her.

“I spent the first day at home on buying everything I needed. My life is his life now. I’m very happy.”

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