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Heartbreaking Photo Of Boy, 14, And His Five-Year-Old Sister Comforting Each Other As They Both Fight Cancer

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It’s every parent’s worst nightmare. The devastating moment you’re told your child has cancer.

For one brave Canadian family not one but two of their children are facing this horrendous disease.

Jacob, 14, and his five year old sister both have the same hereditary form of cancer.

They both bravely battle cancer side-by-side in the same hospital room.

A heart-wrenching photo capturing the moment Jacob and his sister Sophia embracing has now gone viral.

It was taken soon after the family was told it may be time to say goodbye to their precious boy.

The siblings, from Quebec, share a room at Ottawa’s Children’s Hospital in Ontario.

They both fight the inherited condition that is caused by a gene mutation.

The mutation is highly aggressive and causes malignant tumors in children.

Jacob was the same age as his sister when he was diagnosed with the disease.

His family became alarmed after he showed various symptoms such as daily vomiting in the mornings.

An entry on Jacob’s blog reads: ‘He was subjected to a battery of tests: MRIs, CT scans, hundreds of blood tests, and much more. His hair fell out and his skin took on an ashen look.’

‘He lost vision in one eye and it was found he had already lost hearing in one ear.’

‘A feeding tube was put in his stomach, and the family was told he may never be able to eat again.’

Ten months after his diagnosis, however, the family’s prayers were answered when they were told Jacob’s cancer was gone.

But sadly their joy was cut short, when doctors told them his cancer had returned and was now in his kidneys.

The Randells had all been tested for the rare gene after learning of the genetic nature of Jacob’s disease.

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