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Man Is Arrested For ‘Beating To Death’ Four Relatives, Including The Grandparents Who Raised Him

It was a scene of complete devastation.

Lovequawn Matthew Shaire Scott, 22, of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, has been arrested and charged with four counts of murder.

Authorities found him outside his grandparents’ home, which he also lived in, on Saturday.

Scott allegedly killed his grandfather, grandmother aunt and cousin.

Scott’s grandfather, Joseph Manigault, 72; his grandmother, Rose Manigault, 69; his aunt, Kenya Manigault, 42; and his cousin, Faith Manigault, 15, were all found dead Saturday at the Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.

The coroner’s office said it appeared all four victims were beaten to death.

Officers found blood on Scott’s clothes and shoes when they arrived.

A witness called 911 at about 11.30am on Saturday, after finding bodies in the Manigaults’ garage, according to sworn statements by police.

Two female victims were found in a bedroom, according to WPED.

Scott was at the scene with an injured hand and blood on his clothes, shoes and hands, affidavits said.

Relatives told The Post and Courier that Joseph and Rose raised Scott and put him through college at both The Citadel, a military college, and Coastal Carolina University.


Scott’s first court date on the murder charges was scheduled for Sunday at 10am.

But he refused to sign papers and appear before a magistrate, upsetting the family of the victims.

‘I’m angered that he had the audacity to refuse to come down and face us,’ Valerie Gilliard-Anthony, a niece of Scott’s grandparents, said.


Charleston County deputies have not released a motive for the killing.

His family members at Scott’s court hearing also don’t know why he killed his family

Dozens of packed a magistrate’s courtroom on Sunday.

‘They took that boy from a baby, a few days old – a few days after he was born – and they raised him,’ said Estelle Manigault Grant, a sister of Joseph Manigault.

Grace Beahm

‘And he had the nerve to do something to some good people like them.’

‘What he did a dog or a cat doesn’t deserve it.’


His lawyer said Scott decided not to appear because the magistrate could not set bond.

The four Manigault deaths represent one of the deadliest incidents of domestic violence in nearly 12 years in the Lowcountry, reported The Post and Courier.

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