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Michigan Mom And Her Two Toddlers Are Found Dead In An Apparent Double Murder Suicide

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Two beautiful toddlers have been found dead alongside their mother.

The body of Nikita Landrum, 31, was identified on Wednesday, along with those of her 2-year-old son, Dariel Walker II, and her 3-year-old daughter, Mikayla Walker.

They were found dead behind an industrial building in Bay County, 100 miles north of where they lived, with a handgun at the scene.

It’s not clear how long the three had been dead before they were found.

The incident is being investigated as a possible murder-suicide, the Oakland Press reported.

The father of the children, Dariel Walker, Sr, who also lives in the Detroit area, has been arrested twice on domestic violence charges against Landrum, according to court records.

Members of Landrum’s community were shocked at the idea that she had killed her children, and then herself.

‘She always seemed like a pleasant person,’ neighbor Betsie Jackson told WDIV Channel 4 news.

‘I’m shocked,’ she said. ‘Because from appearances, you would never think something like that was going on.’

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