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Model Becomes The First Person With Vitiligo To Star In A Campaign For CoverGirl

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I love that brands are finally starting to realize beauty comes in all forms.

For the first time CoverGirl has featured a model with vitiligo.

Amy Deanna, from Texas, stars in a powerful newly-released ad for the brand, which sees her applying foundation onto her face while asking:

‘Why try to blend in when you can choose how to stand out?’

The stunning beauty has praised for giving representation to those living with vitiligo.

The condition causes the skin to become discolored in patches.

Amy regularly shares photos of herself on Instagram.

She proudly shows off the variations of her skin tone, posing confidently in gorgeous unfiltered images.

‘Vitiligo awareness is something that is very important to me,’ Amy said of her new campaign.

‘Being given a platform to do so means so much.’

‘At the end of the day I am just like everyone else, I just happen to have spots. It’s a part of my identity, but it doesn’t define who I am.’

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