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Mother Of Two Brutally Murdered For Her Tax Return Money

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Keiauna Lynnette Davis should be celebrating her daughter Aliviyah’s third birthday.

But sadly the pretty mom was brutally murdered before she could see it.

On Feb. 22, Davis’ grandmother had brought $3,000 from a recent tax refund to her granddaughter’s job at Dollar General in Wilkinsburg.


Davis told her grandmother that much of the money would be used on Aliviyah’s presents and decorations for her birthday party.

Pittsburgh Courier

Allegheny County Police Homicide detectives say Davis, 27, was walking from work after her shift when she was allegedly confronted by Dane J. Taylor, 21.

He was looking to rob her of the money.

Police say he shot at Davis twice—missing the first time, striking her in the hip the second. He then took off in a waiting car with Davis’ purse and the money.

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