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Obamas Unveil Their Official Portraits As Former President Compliments Artist For Capturing Michelle’s ‘Hotness’

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Oh, how I miss the Obamas.

Former President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama attended the official unveiling of their portraits at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery.

‘That’s pretty sharp,’ the much missed president said.

The father of two helped artist Kehinde Wiley pull off the cloth off his portrait.

It showed the Democrat in a tie-less suit, seated and surrounded by a floral motif.

Michelle Obama’s portrait has been created by Amy Sherald.

Her portrait was unveiled first, with Obama quickly applauding the artist for capturing the ‘hotness of the woman that I love.’

The Obamas noted how neither had sat for a portrait before.

‘I am a little overwhelmed to say the least,’ the former first lady confessed upon seeing the work.

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