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Sobbing Mother Of Hero Shooting Victim Peter Wang Buries Her Son As Hundreds Of Mourners Attend Funerals

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Hui Wang should not have to bury her son.

But a cruel and sadistic monster took away her 15-year-old boy Peter Wang.

He was among the 17 shot dead at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School last week.

The brave Florida high student held the door open so his classmates could run from the gunman.

Peter was buried on Tuesday – as more funerals are held for the victims of the shooting massacre.

The heroic student was last seen alive wearing his ROTC uniform.

The courageous young man held the door open so other students could seek safety from the gunfire.

Peter’s sobbing mother Hui Wang was overcome with grief at his funeral in Coral Springs.

The grieving mom had to be helped into a car following the service.

‘I watched you walking to school on February 14,’ Wang had said earlier at his funeral.

‘Now my body is bleeding in unbearable pain.’

‘Baby, am I in a nightmare? This is unbearable. Baby, hold my hand, reach me. Baby, I’m stuck in this nightmare. Lead the way out.’

Peter was buried in his ROTC uniform and was honored with an Army Medal of Heroism.

His family were given a second medal as a keepsake.

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