Woman Marries Father-Of-Two Who Was Given Just Weeks To Live, Then She Witnesses A Miracle

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Receiving a cancer diagnosis is not only devastating to the patient, but to their loved ones as well. Rob Mooberry and Amanda met at a work convention in Las Vegas. During the course of a year, Rob lost sixty pounds. He didn’t change anything in his lifestyle. He continued to eat right and exercise regularly. Rob couldn’t figure out the cause of his severe stomach pain. And neither could doctors.

The pain in his stomach intensified; Rob consulted a surgeon who agreed to do exploratory surgery. The surgeon found it odd Rob lost so much weight without reason.

The probing revealed he had severe stage 4 colorectal cancer. “It was very very painful,” Rob said to the DailyMail. “I went into the ER, and that’s when I became an in-patient: they found it spread all around.”

Stage 4 is as bad as it can get. The tumors spread throughout Rob’s aorta, bladder, and lymphatic system. After removing a tumor the size of a human fist, doctors gave him an 8% chance of recovery. He was told he had just weeks to live.

Rob couldn’t believe his diagnosis. He didn’t have a family history of cancer; he exercised and ate right. Rob didn’t go to the doctor sooner because he didn’t have health insurance.

“I couldn’t believe it,” he said. “I was always a healthy person; I didn’t expect it.”

Throughout his medical ordeal, Rob had the continued love and support of Amanda. “That night, as I laid in the hospital bed next to Rob, he turned to me and whispered, ‘I want to get married’” Amanda said.

“So do I,” she replied.

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