21 Simple Remedies To Make Your Home Pest-Free Without Harmful Chemicals

Summer may be your favorite time of the year, but you definitely hate those nasty insects, right? Well, we all do. It's literally impossible to enjoy your vacation without seeing the bugs in and around your apartment.

You may think that chemical repellents can do the trick for you, but do you really need all that DEET? Chemical-laden products are never an option, and these can actually harm your health to an irreversible extent.

Always opt for natural solutions, and we offer you the best of them. Playing safe is always better than putting your family in danger.

Natural insect repellents:


It's one of the best natural repellents. Moths hate cedar, and believe it or not, a few cedar blocks and shavings will keep moths away from your closet. No more holes in your clothes!

Citrus peels

Rub the peels against your bookshelves or windowsills to repel spiders.

Lemon eucalyptus oil

It's a powerful oil and definitely works better than DEET when it comes to getting rid of mosquitoes. Latest research has shown that lemon eucalyptus oil can also prevent deer tick bites.


Eat garlic to protect yourself from mosquitoes. Yes, the bugs will feel the odor and it will definitely keep them away from you. Sprinkle garlic powder if you hate eating raw garlic.

White vinegar

Use vinegar to repel ants. Spray affected areas in your home, and you will never ever see those ants again.


Aromatic herbs will keep invaders away from your home. Place a few pots at the front and back door. What to use? Basil, catnip, garlic, mint, citronella, lemongrass and bay leaves can do miracles for you!

Clean your house more often

This is probably the best way to make sure that insects won't invade your home. Dust, vacuum and clean surfaces regularly.


It's an aromatic spice, and bugs hate it. Sprinkle cinnamon around the entry point of bugs, and they won't even dare to cross it. Sprinkle cinnamon in your kid's sandboxes to repel bugs.

Baby powder

It works better than DEET. Sprinkle the powder on different parts of your house to keep it safe from insects.


You may find it hard to believe, but ants hate chalk. They just won't walk through it. Draw simple lines around your house, and ants won't cross them. It works!


Place cucumber slices on your kitchen counters to repel ants.

Dryer sheets repel mosquitoes and other insects. Keep one of these in your pocket when camping, gardening or hiding.


Soak onion slices in a bowl of water, and we guarantee you, bugs will run away. Onion plants will keep your garden safe, to.

Sugar and baking soda

Cockroaches like sugar which makes it easier for you to eliminate them. Combine equal parts of sugar and baking soda, and sprinkle the mixture in affected areas.

Vanilla extract

If you hate the smell of onions and garlic, it's time to use vanilla! Combine the extract with water and lemongrass, lavender or mint extract. Your good-smelling repellent is ready for use.

Light clothes

Mosquitoes prefer dark clothes, and your fashion choices can be of great help here. Wear light-colored clothes, and mosquitoes won't even come near you.


Bugs enjoy seeing your stressed and sweaty. Your body releases pheromones and hormones, and bugs are attracted to these. So, try to stay calm and you will no longer be a target. Exercising indoors is a nice way of doing it privately. With no bugs around, of course.

Soybean oil

You may use this in cooking, but scientists confirm its insect-repelling abilities. Use it to make your own soybean oil, and mosquitoes won't come near you for 94.6 minutes. Seems relieving, right?


Bugs hate it! It's added to outdoor candles, lanterns and torches. You already know why. use candles, plant citronella grass outside your house or just apply citronella oil on your skin.

Unscented toiletries

Bugs like fruit and flowers. What does this mean? They will adore your strawberry-mango shampoo! If you're fed up with all the bugs biting you, use unscented personal care products.

Standing water

Mosquitoes "hang out" around standing water. Get rid of containers that tend to harbor stagnant water, and trim your grass regularly. Say "˜goodbye' to bugs for good!

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