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12 Signs That Prove You Are Dealing with an Evil Person

Most of us believe that people, in general, are kind-hearted. Well, this is true for some people, but, not for everyone. There are plenty of evil people among the good ones, and sometimes we find it difficult to know who is good and who is evil.

Evil people possess a lot of characteristics like self-promotion, apathy, and intelligence. This might not seem so bad the first time you meet them.

But, in the long run, an evil person can destroy your life. In fact, they will never show their true face.

These kinds of people are never real. So, they can never be a true friend. In fact, they are a bigger threat to you than you can possibly imagine. What you can do is learn the signs and notice someone who is evil before they infiltrate your life.

Here is a list of the 12 signs that indicate a person is evil.

1. Twisting Facts

Evil people are the true masters of twisting stories and facts. They are the perfect manipulators who can twist reality into something no one can ever imagine. In the end, they use this twisted reality to hurt people around them.

2. Constantly Lying

There is no end to their constant lying. They lie so much that you can even call them pathological liars. However, in their mind, lying is just a game, nothing more.

Moreover, they are the main characters in this game, and it gives them pleasure.

3. Manipulating

You are never a priority to a manipulator. In fact, a manipulator will NEVER care about you. Instead, they will use manipulation to take advantage of you and achieve their goals.

4. Control Freak

An evil person loves controlling people. They will do whatever they can to put people down.

Why? Well, they feed on making someone feel miserable. It makes them feel important. In other words, they love being the center of attention, and they want you to give them all the attention they need.

5. Stealing Your Time

In order to reach their goals, an evil person will always try to steal your time. In other words, you don’t matter. As a result, they will ruin every possibility you have to be successful or improve.

Moreover, they are there to keep you away from family and friends. No matter how much they mean to you.

6. Fair-Weather Friend

A friend like this is only there when everything is good. But, once things get messy, they immediately disappear. Therefore, evil people have no idea how to be an honest, caring, and a real friend.

7. Withholding Information

Evil people love to lie. But, they also love to hide important information from someone who may desperately need it. Their goal is to compromise your integrity and obtain all the benefits.

8. They Have a Double Life

The best thing an evil person does is lying and misleading everyone around them. This is typical. However, a person like this can easily lead double lives.

They might act like a loving husband or wife with two different people at the same time. And none of them may not even find out.

9. Deny Reality

People like this always deny the truth. In fact, their nature will NEVER allow them to recognize the truth. As a result, they spend their entire lives in absolute denial.

10. They Never Feel Bad for You

Evil people will do whatever they want to you without filling a drop of guilt. Instead, they will feel pure satisfaction when they make you suffer.

11. Misleading Everyone

When they are in a bad situation, they will twist it and manipulate others into making the bad situation even worse.

12. Don’t Take Responsibility for Their Actions

Responsibility is foreign to them. As a result, they will blame you for every mistake they made. In the end, they will force you to apologize. Well, don’t do it!

It is not your responsibility to deal with their problems.

Remember, your life belongs to you! Own it and live it! We only get to live once.

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