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Here’s Why You Have Troubles With Your Feet When You Stand Up & What To Do About It

When it comes to the health of feet, the plantar fascia is a significant term. As reported by Healthline, over 50% of the Americans struggle with foot pain that is related to the damaged plantar fascia.

The plantar fascia is a light ligament that is the link of your heel to the front of the foot. The condition is named plantar fasciitis.

The main reasons for this condition are weight gain and repetitive motion. It affects pregnant women, athletes, and people who stand on their feet for a long time because the constant pressure and movement cause pain and inflammation.

Anyway, in this article, we present you several actions that can help you treat as well as prevent plantar fasciitis.


Effective stretching is the best treatment if you struggle with plantar fasciitis. In this way, you will lose the tight muscles that make your condition more serious.

These exercises аre done by sitting, and they can be performed by many people. Here are some you can do to stretch your feet:

1. Water Bottle

Take one bottle and roll your foot over it. Do it for a minute, and you should experience a nice feeling.

2. Crossed Leg

Sit on a chair, take one leg, and cross it over the other one. Pull your big toe upward. Stay in this posture for about fifteen seconds, then release it. Do it three times with one foot, then three times with the other.

3. A Folded Towel

For this exercise, you need a folded towel. The towel should be placed under your foot arch and pull upward till you get your foot stretched in front of you. Stay in the posture for fifteen to thirty seconds, and do it three times.

Stretching the Calves

This exercise is also important. All you have to do is extend your leg in a lunge-like motion, and stay in that posture for half a minute. Do it three times with each leg.

How to Prevent the Condition?

Even though stretching serves as prevention too, we offer you the next options:

1. Regular Exercise

You need to exercise on a regular basis in order to keep a healthy weight, and stretched joints and muscles. In this way, you will lower the chance of getting ligaments too tight.

2. Healthy Weight

In order to avoid putting extra pressure on your feet, you need to make sure to maintain healthy body weight.

3. Proper Support

The type of shoes you are wearing are significant. When you are not wearing shoes, or you are wearing wrong shoes, then, you add stress on your feet and heels.

4. Rest

You need to let your feet rest. Take it easy because your feet should not be subjected to a repetitive motion for a long time.

5. Begin Slowly

Warming up is very important before any physical activity. Jumping may lead to injury.

If you think that you are struggling with this condition, make sure to consult your doctor before you do anything about it. The health of your feel matters a lot. Take care of them.

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