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Tattoos That Are So Cringeworthy They Will Absolutely Make Your Eyes Bleed

It seems that every person in the world is getting some sort of tattoo. Your Pastor? Yeah, he has his full back covered with different types of birds. Your first-grade teacher? Oh boy, she has skulls melting down her shoulders.

While many people try to hide their tattoos because of employment policy, others are more open. Some tattoos are breathtakingly stunning to look at, and while those have their place, they don’t give us entertainment like the ones that are awful. We have to give a big thanks to everyone who has tattoo fails that are cringeworthy to look at.

You Get What You Pay For

Okay, so, this is a hard pass. You might as well have your three-year-old sister give you a tattoo because these look like a child drew them.

Michael Jackson didn’t become the King Of Pop so that he could get a crappy tattoo on someone’s crusty back.

Make Sure Your Artist Completed The First Grade

It’s very important to make sure that you go to a tattoo artist that you actually can trust. If they can’t spell basic English words, you should probably pretend you forgot your keys in the car and never come back.

If you follow through with the illiterate artist, you’re going to be keeping clams apparently, and no one likes clams.

“I’m A Creep, I’m A Nipple”

For any of you who don’t know Radiohead’s frontman Thom Yorke, you certainly do now. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have a nipple for an eye in real life, but now that we see what he could look like, we kind of wish he did.

Also, if anyone is looking for eye patch ideas, your search is over because transfusing a nipple onto your eye is way cooler.

Coming up, a Jagr Bomb that gives me the jitters just looking at it.

Break Up, Immediately

This is the first sign that these two need to break up immediately. It’s a sign from above that this relationship is never going to work.

We think this should also reinforce her concerns that he will always pick video games over her every single time.

She Glowed Up

There’s a reason that you should never get a picture of your wife or husband tattooed on your body. People divorce or break up all the time.

If you do end up getting a portrait, make sure you have a plan B in case all hell breaks loose (literally in this case).

This Is Very Uncomfortable To Look At

I don’t know why, but this makes me jittery inside. Just having to see an entry point of an IV (even though it’s fake) is really uncomforting.

Kudos to this guy though, I mean, pumping energy drinks and alcohol into your bloodstream isn’t recommended by many doctors, but to each their own.

Just ahead, a baby vampire, possibly? Maybe? You decide.

That, Uh, Face Though

This wolf looks like the least intimidating animal on the planet with that facial expression.

That’s the face your mom makes when she finds out you’ve been taking her vodka and pouring water inside to fill it up. That’s the face of everyone who gets shown this tattoo for the first time.

Organization Is Key

If there’s a tattoo that 76-year-old conservative woman would get, it’s this. This is a grandma-approved tattoo because it shows initiative to be organized.

Not going to lie, if you go on a date with someone and they show you this tattoo, prepare to be bored. There’s no way someone with an exciting life is getting a to-do list tatted on their arm.

“Isn’t My Baby Cute?”

Why does this baby look like it just ate a human-being? Dracula called, he wants his baby back.

This is a side note, but can we stop saying that ALL babies are cute? They aren’t. This baby looks like the devil, yet when its grandparents show it off we have to pretend it’s adorable.

A tattoo that makes hearing nails on a chalkboard tolerable is just around the corner.

He Must Have A Checkered Past

Nothing says “I’m employed” more than getting a checkers board tattooed on your face. NOTHING. It’s subtle, yet exuberant and inviting and screams “I’m approachable” to all on-lookers.

He’s like a walking optical illusion. I’m not an aging expert by any means, but I cannot see this tattoo aging well.

Charmander, I Choose You

So this guy was really drunk and decided to get a Charmander tattoo that looks like a weird worm caught on fire.

This would be Charmander if he was fully charcoaled and on its deathbed. This Pokemon wouldn’t even beat a Ratata at level two, let’s be honest.

What’s More Disturbing?

There’s so much going on in this picture, I don’t know where to start. I guess I’ll start with the butt crack which isn’t even the most disturbing part of this picture.

His back looks like an elementary school chalkboard after the teacher left the room for five minutes. There’s no rhyme or rhythm to what’s going on and his motives are in serious question right now.

When you have to go back and tattoo the reason you the awful ink, you know it’s bad. That’s coming up.

Was That MLK Who Said That Quote?

What an interesting quote, I wonder what academic scholar spewed that. It takes a lot of thought to really process this.

One has to assume that they meant to have either “don’t ever give up” or just simply, “don’t give up.” Once again, please make sure your tattoo artist has passed grade three English.

Breathtakingly Realistic

Wow, there are really no words to describe how this tiger turned out. No really, I don’t think there is a word out there that could accurately describe what this tiger looks like.

It’s a mixture of a Men In Black villain and some other creature with a dislocated jaw. Seriously, there needs to be some reconstructive surgery happening here. It’s tragic.

Just For Clarification

It just seems like being young and having awful tattoo ideas go hand in hand. The problem with tattoos is that they’re permanent, so when you’re 30 and still have a crappy tribal tat that everyone asks about, you need to have a good answer.

This guy just put his answer right underneath so that he doesn’t have to answer the embarrassing questions anymore.

This person just ahead incorporated double stuffed Oreos in an interesting way and I can’t tell if it’s bad or good.

A True Masterpiece

What’s great about this tattoo is that it’s a talking point. Not one person is going to know what it is, so it’s a conversation starter.

My guess is that it’s some type of alcohol, but it also could be milk from The Great Depression. Either way, the person you’re talking to is going to feel bad for you, which is always a good start to a friendship.

Keep Those Calves Warm

Why actually wear argyle socks when you can tattoo them on your body forever and have them apart of every outfit?

These are dual purpose too. If you’re about to play the bagpipes in a parade these have you covered. Or, if you’re just looking for a casual khaki’s look, shorts look, or even bathing suit look, voila.

Not The Worst Idea

This is an awful tattoo to look at, obviously. But, unlike many of the other tats on this list, this one at least has a practical purpose and has some meaning behind it.

This barcode will at least eventually pay off in the long run. How many discounts on double stuffed Oreos can this person get? I’m going to go ahead and say quite a few.

Confusing, But Respectable

Good for this person’s mom for not only being there for their kid but also being their angle. That would come in handy when they need a level for putting up pictures.

It also raises other questions about this mother, what angle is she? Is she obtuse? Isosceles? Scalene? What angle of her body are we talking about? Good for her, I guess, but we need answers.

“Live, Laugh, Picnic Table”

I’ll never understand why people decide to get Chinese letters as tattoos. Just because something is in a different language doesn’t mean that the word “bliss” is any cooler.

Also, people always mess with them. This one says picnic table and I’m sure she wanted to have “Live, Laugh, Love”.

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