American Professor Fails Student Because He Believes ‘Australia Isn’t A Country’

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It doesn’t matter where we live in the world, we are part of a society that takes education seriously. It is what makes our children into productive, happy and stable adults and if they are educated properly, they are able to fit in with society and carve out their own little niche at the same time. The unfortunate thing is, not everybody has the same level of education and sometimes, things can get rather amusing, if not frustrating.

Have you ever seen the studies that show just how little people in the United States know on a variety of subjects? Some of them focus on math and others even focus on the English language but perhaps one of the more amusing is when they discuss geography. Like many people, I took geography in high school but it wasn’t my best subject and it seems as if even those who manage to get higher through the educational system are struggling with it as well. If you have any doubts in that regard, they are about to be erased.

This particular story does not involve a high school student or even a college student, it has to do with a college professor. That’s right, it is somebody who is in a position, not only where they should know better but where they are actually shaping the mind of today’s youth. They have the responsibility of educating others but, as you are about to see, they can also be lacking in some way or another.

It happened when a student handed in an assignment for her sociology class at Southern New Hampshire University. She was completing a project that compared the social aspects in the United States with a secondary nation; in this case, Australia. Admittedly, that doesn’t seem all that much out of the ordinary but what is not ordinary is the fact that her PhD educated lecturer failed her, not because she did a bad job but because he refused to believe that Australia was a country!

The student is Ashley Arnold and she has been studying at the Southern New Hampshire University, taking sociology classes. For this assignment, she chose social media use and she was comparing the United States with Australia. The problem is, she failed the assignment because, according to her professor, “Australia is a continent, not a country.” She was actually given a zero on several sections!

I actually thought it was a joke at first, saying: “This can’t be real. Then as I continued to read I realised she (the professor) was for real. With her education levels, her expertise, who wouldn’t know Australia is a country? If she’s hesitating or questioning that, why wouldn’t she just google that herself?”

It went even further and she told her professor that she thought Australia was not only a country, it was also a continent but her professor was not having any of it.

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