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Little Sweetheart Presents Her “Argument” To Her Mom And The Internet Falls In Love With Her

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It doesn’t matter who we are, what our station is in life or even how old we are, we tend to have something special in common. I’m not talking about something physical that we can pick up and hold in our hand, I’m talking about a state of mind that seems to enter into our lives from the time we are just a young child. That similarity is our attitude. Good or bad, big or small, we all have an attitude and we tend to show it from time to time.

They often say that imitation is the greatest form of flattery but you will have to be the judge on that for yourself. Regardless of whether you feel that she is imitating her mother or not, you have to admit that she is one of the cutest things to hit the Internet in a very long time.

The father films as the argument begins. When the little girl comes into the room, she obviously has something on her mind and she wants to make sure that her mother gets a piece of that mind before she walks out again. She starts out arguing with the mastery of a black belt, waving her arms and having the inflection in her voice that is nothing short of amazing.

One of the things that I find amazing about this video is not what the little girl is doing but the fact that the parents have so much restraint. The mother did very well with arguing with the daughter without actually scolding her.

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