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Abused Dog Woke Her Rescuer Up To Express Her Gratitude For Rescuing Her

This poor dog had been abused and abandoned…

A dog named Niya had gone through so much in her life. She had suffered severe abuse and then later abandoned by her former owner. She was soon found and brought to the Gibson County Animal Shelter in Trenton, Tennessee.

Even though the shelter was not an ideal home for Niya, she was now safe and not out on the streets fending for herself anymore. However, Niya did not feel safe in the shelter and suffered from depression. In addition. Niya was also very distrustful and terrified of humans due to the abuse.

Poor Niya had been physically scarred from the abuse as well, resulting in large gashes on her head and on her muzzle. Her pitiful state soon caught the attention of her future guardian angel, Kimberley Slown, who immediately decided to help her.

Slown worked with a local rescue organization named Arrow Dog Rescue and had experience in rehabilitating and re-homing dogs, so she was the perfect foster mom for Niya.

Slown settled the paperwork and soon arrived at the shelter to pick Niya up, but Niya refused to move from her spot.

Niya had to be carried into the car by Slown and kept her tail in between her legs during the entire car ride. Upon arriving at her foster home, Niya immediately laid down in a corner and slept the whole day.

When she woke up, Niya did not move from her spot as she was too scared to socialize with anyone in the house. The following night, Slown woke up as she felt Niya’s breath on her hand and immediately petted her affectionately.

Much to her surprise, Niya responded to Slown and even leaned on her hand, expressing her gratitude for rescuing her! Now that Slown has finally gained Niya’s trust, Niya is well on her way to recovery.

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