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Man On A Jog Finds Abandoned Puppy – And Returns To Save Him!

The puppy was so excited!

One man was jogging in a field when he came across a stray puppy who had been abandoned. The man returned to save the poor puppy later on, and filmed his reaction while he did so. He had found the abandoned puppy all alone in a field located in Skidra, Greece.

The footage, which was shot back in August 2016, showcases the puppy’s reaction when it was found by the man. It was filmed jumping around and asking for multiple belly rubs at the same time! The man had explained to online news sources that he spotted the dog while on his daily run, and did not know whose dog it was. The puppy however, was friendly enough to trot up to him in a jovial manner – all the while vying for his attention!

Evidently, the puppy had been very excited to see him. He jumped and ran around, as if he knew that he was finally going be saved by someone. He would not stop his uncontrollable wagging tail, and even plopped his body down on the grass field, rolling over for a belly rub!

The man brought the pup along with him, feed it some food and water before he called an animal rescue center to fetch him to somewhere safe. “Finally, he is okay and the puppy has a home now,” the man wrote in a social media post.

Thankfully, the man had been in the right place – at the right time to prevent this puppy from living a lonely life out on the streets! The puppy is now growing up well in a loving home, where it gets showered with daily love and care!

Watch the scene unfold in the video below!

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