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Service Dog Visits Hospital — With Only One Intention

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This service dog is truly a loyal one.

One German Shepherd, who is also a service dog, made the local headlines when he became unable to see his owner for days. Unbeknownst to him, his owner was bedridden and hospitalized due to an unknown accident – without his most loyal companion by his side.

The video and accompanying screenshots shows that the German shepherd had been brought into the room by kind-hearted hospital staff and the owner’s family members. How their reunion unfolded was truly a tear-jerking and heartwarming sight for many.

The dog was shown to be unable to contain his excitement while he dashes around the hospital room upon noticing his owner’s scent, desperately seeking him out.

Eventually, the German Shepherd was able to find his owner, who had been lying on the hospital bed. His overjoyed owner bids him to jump up for an embrace, and the dog was only too happy to do so, licking his face and hands wildly with affection!

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