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Starving Dog Wandering The Streets Of New York City Gets 2nd Chance

The starving dog was also homeless as well..

This story is about a young Pit Bull who was later named Jameson. Initially, he had been found by animal rescuers while in a extremely emaciated state. He had been wandering the streets of New York City all alone for quite some time. Luckily, he was found by ‘Out Of The Pits’, a non-profit organization. The organization’s mission and aim was to educate the public about the true nature of Pit Bulls as a breed to help erase their negative reputation, as well as to facilitate and conduct rescues.

However, not all strays are as lucky as Jameson. Many strays actually live their entire lives out on the streets and were never found by anyone, or did they get to know what love and friendship feels like.

After Jameson was rescued, he was examined closely by the vet – and earning a lucky clean bill of health! He was starving, so staff had to feed him and get him to a healthy weight. Jameson is a very intelligent pup, and does amazing on a leash during walks! He is also very well behaved indoors and is a highly sociable canine. He would even get along with a feline!

Watch Jameson’s life story in the video below!

A poor homeless and starving dog went from living on the streets of New York City to being able to play and run freely – in a farm’s open fields! He is now searching for a forever home – will it be yours?

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