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Study Reveals How You Eat Your Ice Cream Says A Lot About Your Personality

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Eating straight from the carton

We usually associate sitting on the couch eating from a tub of ice cream with depression, or heartbreak. In fact, the study recognizes that carton eaters are resourceful. They're usually strong leaders, the kind of person you can always depend on.

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Still, if you like to eat from the carton you're probably a little shy, and don't open up to many people.

Favorite flavor: Chocolate chip cookie dough and plain old chocolate.

Ice cream sandwiches

Smooshing your dessert between two cookies is creative, and so are the people who enjoy this frozen treat. Boghossian calls them "a complete mix of contradictions," blending introverted and extroverted personality traits.


They're also artistic, and a little impulsive.

Favorite flavor: Cookies 'n cream.


There's a split in this category, depending on whether you prefer sugar or waffle cones:

Sugar cone fans are "the life of the party," fun and lighthearted. Meanwhile, waffle cone lovers are "the host of the party," nurturing and supportive.

In both cases, cone fans are optimistic and positive people, who always look on the bright side.

Favorite flavor: Cookies 'n cream and chocolate chip cookie dough.

However you enjoy your ice cream, there's no denying that Americans love it. On average, we each eat 48 pints of ice cream in a year, making us the number one consumer of ice cream worldwide. That explains why we're all so sweet!

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