Identifying Garden Plants Is About To Get A Lot Easier

Have you ever been looking at plant in someone's garden or in the wild and thought to yourself, "....what the heck is that?"

You're not alone.

A new app called PlantNet is working to establish a database that will let you identify a plant simply through taking a picture. Similar to Shazam, which allows you to identify a song by playing a small clip for the app.


The problem, though, is that images are incredibly difficult to match to a database. Google has been trying to work on image-matching software for decades, but it's tricky business. Each leaf, branch, and petal has to be combed through in order to match with the one you upload. Not to mention the different angles, quality and sizes of pictures that will be's all a little tricky.

That doesn't mean it can't be done, though! The app will already be getting help from the phone itself, using location services to track down what plants are common in the area.


This could be a serious game-changer for people who garden frequently, and also for people who spend a lot of time in the wild and need to avoid poisonous plants.

Would you use PlantNet to help you identify flowers? I would!