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If You Are Putting This On Your Face, You Should Probably Stop

All over the internet and Pinterest there are these recipes and directions for homemade masks. There are a lot of them that work really well and are cost effective alternatives to some store bought versions, but some might actually be harming your skin more than you realized.

Baking soda is found in so many recipes because it is a gentle exfoliate and offers a cheap way to kill bacteria that might cause acne. But it turns out, it might not actually be that good for you!

The problem is that baking soda is very alkaline and that goes against what your skin actually needs. A lot of people swear by the baking soda tricks, I admit I have tried them myself and liked how it felt, but it is actually pretty dangerous.

Using baking soda as an exfoliator or mask will destroy the acid mantle of your skin and strip out all your natural oils. This will let any bacteria just sneak right into your skin and also make it super sensitive to the sun.

On a pH scale like the one above, it shows the different levels of acidic or alkaline properties of chemicals. Your skin should sit between a 4.5 and 5.5. Water is neutral at a 7, but baking soda has a rating of nine! So when you put this on your skin you are risking the balance of your skin.

If you still want to do a mask at home, try something a little less harsh like a clay mask or one made with coconut oil.

Have you ever used baking soda on your face before? Did you find that it caused issues or were you happy with the results?

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