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If You Love White Chocolate, You've Been Living A Lie - It Isn't Even Chocolate!


When it comes to white chocolate, people fall into one of two camps: Love or LOATHE.

There is no in between and the difference is intense - especially when it comes to those who detest white chocolate.

For many people, it is a lesser chocolate whose flavor falls somewhere into the abyss of "this stuff is tastelessness" and "yuck."

While there are a few people who argue that white chocolate has it's own, unique flavor, there may be something to the argument of dark chocolate lovers. Those who claim that white chocolate shouldn't even count as chocolate might actually be on to something...

To find out why white chocolate isn't really chocolate at all, turn the page!

Sorry white chocolate lovers, but your favorite candy isn't actually chocolate. To understand why, first you need to know how chocolate is made.

Chocolate comes from the seeds of the Cacao Pod typically grown in places in West Africa and Asia.

The cocoa beans are well packed deep inside the fruit. The beans are cracked and de-shelled by a "winnower." These little pieces of bean are called nibs.

The nibs are ground into a paste called "chocolate liquor" (but it's not an alcohol). There are two parts to the liquor: cocoa solids (full of flavor) and cocoa fats - also called cocoa butter.

White chocolate does not contain any cocoa solids.

That's right - all that chocolaty goodness that comes from the flavor-packed cocoa solids is missing from white 'chocolate'.

In fact, it only contains 20% cocoa fat, a flavorless product derived from cocoa beans. The actual flavor of white chocolate comes from sweeteners, dairy products, emulsifying agents, spices flavoring and whey.

The next time someone presents you with a box of chocolates, if you want true flavor, pass over the white ones. They're not really chocolate anyway.

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