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Adorable Kitty Has A Unique Condition That Makes Her Eyes Look Like Mini Galaxies

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What could be cuter than a sleeping kitten? Meet Pam Pam, a gorgeous kitty who has a secret superpower.

Pam Pam began stealing hearts on the internet through her Instagram account, which currently has over 72,000 followers. Her claim to fame? Her eyes are "from another planet."

Although the fluffy white kitten is like other cats - she loves to sleep, play, and cuddle - Pam Pam also spends her time posing for photos and mesmerizing people with her multicolored eyes. She has a condition called heterochromia iridis, which is a genetic mutation that results in two different-colored eyes. But don't worry, Pam Pam isn't in any pain and can see just fine.

Pam Pam has a yellow eye and a blue eye, which is relatively common in cats. Unlike some breeds of cats, Pam Pam's eyes are big and clear. Don't look too long - her eyes might hypnotize you!

There are some stunning photos of Pam Pam on the next page. Go see them!

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