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If You're A Water Sign, Here's What Makes You Different From The Rest

All water signs are deeply in tune with their emotions, as well as the emotions of others. They are the most likely to shed a tear during a beautiful moment, be inspired to write a song or produce beautiful works of art.

They are the dreamiest, most naturally psychic members of the zodiac who more easily connect to mystical forces. They may receive important messages from deceased loved ones in their dreams, or just generally have stronger gut instincts than the other zodiac signs.

Whether you're a Cancer, Scorpio or a Pisces, you've got the ability to freely and deeply connect to others on an emotional basis. In fact, one of the most important things people need to know is that your high sensitivity means that you are very self-protective.

More than any other sign, water elements can become emotionally drained very quickly and they need alone time to recover.

Although they are all artistic, emotional, indecisive and may sometimes have their head in the clouds, there are a few key things that separate each water sign from the other...

Are you a Scorpio? Here's what makes you stand out from your watery relations:

The sun signs of the zodiac are divided into groups of three known as a triplicities. Each triplicity is further broken down into three modalities: cardinal, fixed and mutable.

The members of these modalities share similarities across sun signs. For example, as a Fixed sign, Scorpio shares characteristics with Taurus, Leo and Aquarius.

This quality makes them stand out a little from the other signs that share their watery nature.

Scorpio: Intense And Willful

Being a fixed sign, you are the most willful of the three water signs. You have a highly stubborn streak that can border on obsession with getting who and what you want.

Your willfulness can make it difficult for you to resist change - especially if the change is for the better. Many Scorpios refuse to leave an unhappy relationship because they are determined to make it work.

This sign is also HIGHLY loyal. They are friends to the bitter end, but this kind of loyalty can play out as intense jealousy if they're not confident in their relationships.

Scorpios are also highly driven to pursue their goals.

Of the three water signs, they are the most consistent and they know how to channel their creativity with the help of their wicked-sharp intuition.

Super affectionate by nature, Pisces has a few special qualities of their own...

Although there are many similarities between water signs, and all of them are emotionally in tune, Pisces has a little something extra that makes it the emotional teddy bear of the zodiac.

Pisces are characterized by two fish, they are comfortable in deep waters, and can go with the emotional flow of almost any situation. However, they often find themselves torn in two directions.

Pisces: Empathic and Dreamy

As a Pisces, you fall in with the mutable signs. Like Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius, you are the most adaptable member of your triplicity.

This adaptive nature makes it even easier for you to relate to others on an emotional level - so much that you often 'feel' another person's emotions with them. This can be very exhausting, and many Pisces find that they are the victims of emotional vampires, people who prey on a Pisces seemingly bottomless source of empathy.

This sign also has to watch out for their dreamy tendencies. Of the three water signs, a Pisces is more likely to put their partners and friends on pedestals and then are disappointed when they do not live up to their idealized images.

Warm, romantic and compassionate, the members of this zodiac generally have a fair-minded approach to life and can provide a human touch to almost any situation.

Situations bring out different qualities in all of us, but as a general rule, the sun sign characteristics are strongest when we're feeling the most like ourselves.

The two most prominent qualities that separate one sign from another within its triplicity aren't the only things that make you unique, but they do stand out as temperaments more common to your sun sign.

Cancer: Successful Homebody

The final sign of this triplicity is Cancer. The people of this water sign fall into the cardinal modality. Together with Capricorn, Libra and Aries, the Cancer is action-oriented, vital and the most likely of the water signs to take the initiative.

This sign works very well on it's own, loves to surprise and delight others and may be considered the luckiest of the trio - although luck really has nothing to do with it!

Although still a dreamy, emotional sign - the Cancer excels in their chosen field of expertise or employment. They have the concrete ability to turn their dreams into reality.

They are the most articulate of the water signs, able to effectively express their emotions and clarify the emotions of others around them.

While they are highly resourceful, well-connected and able to take indirect routes to achieving success, they are also the quintessential homebody.

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[h/t IvyRoses / ZodiacWorld / ThoughtCo.]