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Ikea Has A Solution To The Sleep Issue That's Ruining Your Relationship

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How many of you share a bed with a cover hog? You know the type. Someone who decides that their comfort, and their comfort only is important.

There is nothing more annoying than laying in bed with someone when all of a sudden they roll over and take the entire duvet with them. You're left cold, vulnerable, and exposed, while you lay on a bed with only your pajamas keeping you warm. Meanwhile, your partner is over there living the life of luxury all wrapped up in a nice, warm duvet.


It can often lead to a lot of fights and tension between you and your partner, because you want more covers and they don't care that you don't have then. More than 1/3 of people in relationships say this is an issue they deal with, and now Ikea wants to help solve that problem.

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