Ikea Is Making A Game-Changing Announcement

There's only one place in the world where you can get a tasty dinner and a tasteful rug for your living room. That's right: Ikea. But a big change is coming that might make the dreams of meatball lover's everywhere come true.

Sources have recently leaked a proposal from the Swedish furniture giant that would seek to open dozens of stand-alone restaurants.

For over 50 years Ikea restaurants have been a common feature of Ikea warehouses. They started as a bonus amenity for shoppers, but have ballooned to become a major business in their own right.

Sterling Cooper

According to the company over 30% of restaurant diners say they come just for the food. That means it makes hundreds of millions of dollars.

Known for great-tasting, albeit slightly plain meals, Ikea restaurants have become favorites for young families. On weekends the tables are packed with kids and parents who just ducked out for a cheap $1 breakfast.

If you've ever been to an Ikea you know how sprawling they are. They require a huge amount of space, which means they are almost always in suburbs of urban centers. Changing to stand-alone restaurants would make them much more accessible to the majority of the population.

Plus Desbons

While there's still no official word yet on if Ikea will proceed with their plan, early reaction on the Internet seems to favor expansion.

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