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Important: Leotards For Dogs Are Officially A Thing

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That's right, dog leotards are here and they are amazing. While a dog's fur is wonderful, sometimes there are inconvenient times when shedding is not really what you need. Enter: dog leotards.

The cute little outfits are made from lightweight, breathable materials and come from the company Shed Defenders.

Tyson Walters, the man behind Shed Defenders, says he came up with the idea to solve a very common problem dog owners have: car rides.

"My car was practically ruined. Harley's hair would intertwine in the fabric and not want to ever come out," Walters said. "She would shake and the hair would just explode off her and disperse all throughout the car. I looked around on the internet and dog stores, but I couldn't find a solution. So I decided to make one."

The leotards not only make your lil' pup look like a superhero, but it's also great if you have company coming over with dog allergies. It keeps the spread of dander and hair to a minimum.

You obviously still have to brush your dog, but this is a great way to prevent unwanted shedding at inopportune times. The leotard can also be used on cold days, as it provides better insulation. It can also keep their fur clean on a rainy day so you can avoid a muddy mess. Of course, this cute accessory isn't meant for constant wear. It's just there for when you really need it. It's also great if your dog has stitches or a skin irritation, working as a replacement for the cone of shame.

The product can ALSO be used for dogs who often experience stress or anxiety. The form-fitting nature of the leotard can be calming and ease nervousness for jittery animals.

A portion of every leotard sold is donated to local animal shelters to help homeless pets.

"People love the idea. They love the look. It is a head turner," Walters said. "People always take pics of Harley when she's wearing her, and they ask where they can get one. Hot pink is one of our hottest selling colors. It's fashionable!"

Yes. Yes they are.

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