The Infamous TV Incident That's Still Unsolved 30 Years Later

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On November 22, 1987, an unprecedented event happened on two separate television stations in Chicago. One after another, each broadcast was hacked by an unknown individual or group. To this day, 30 years later, the crime has never been solved and it will forever go down in infamy.

The first incident happened at 9:00 P.M. on Channel 9's sports segment. Dan Roan was just starting to recap the NFL game between the Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears when the signal mysteriously cut out.

What happened next had everyone scratching their heads.

The intruder was dressed up like an old television character, Max Headroom. The hack only lasted 30 seconds before the station managed to switch frequencies. The studio engineers immediately assumed that this was an inside job and started to comb through the building looking for the perpetrator. They found no one.

This wasn't a once off, before the night was over, Max Headstrong had struck again.

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