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12 Incredible Home Aquariums That Will Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

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A unique home will not only get you compliments, it will also make you love living there.

I've repurposed some antiques I bought at a garage sale into all sorts of things, like lamp bases, towel racks, and my newest obsession, aquariums.

Check out these 12 incredible home aquariums to get your creative juices flowing! It worked for me!

1.  Fish drops

Go inside your attic, garage, basement, or anywhere else you store your antiques or things you have no idea what to do with and find something you can repurpose into a fish bowl.

An antique gumball machine like the one above is so perfect, and it's great for betta fish. This is great if you're on a budget.

2. A colorful wall

If I was on a home renovation show, I'd definitely ask for my wall divider to look like this.

It makes your home look bigger, and appear like it's open concept.

3. All glass aquarium

Most aquariums that I see have a black outline on the edges. If you have a lot of colorful coral, it'll definitely look nicer in an all glass aquarium.

If it's against a white background, it looks like it's floating.

4. A cupboard

Turning one of your bathroom cupboards into a fish tank would definitely make bathroom time more interesting.

The average person spends at least 92 days in the bathroom in their lifetime, so might as well have a good view.

These next aquariums are just incredible!!

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