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Incredible "Hypnodog" Uses Its Strange Powers On Simon Cowell

Most dogs only ever learn to sit, stay and roll over, but Princess, a 7-year-old German Spritz from England, has mastered a much more impressive skill.

During her appearance on Britain's Got Talent, Princess and her trainer Krystyna Lennon dazzled the audience by demonstrating the dog's mysterious, supernatural powers.

As if putting 9 audience members to sleep wasn't enough, Princess takes on a much bigger challenge when one of the judges asks her to make the notoriously rude Simon Cowell into "a nice person."

Well, Princess didn't quite manage to change Simon's attitude, but that might be too much for even the "world's only canine hypnotist" to accomplish.

In case you're not totally convinced by Princess and her super powers, she also made an appearance on China's version of the reality show.

I think it's definitely her giant tongue that's mesmerizing these audience members. It's her version of dangling a pocket-watch in front of someone's eyes.

If anyone has definitely been put into a trance by this pooch, it's her owner Krystyna.

According to the Daily Mail, her pet sleeps in until 10 every morning in her own four-poster bed. She drinks out of a glass and also only eats raw meat and veggies.

Maybe if Krystyna snapped her fingers she would wake up and realize she's spoiling this dog!

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