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Indianapolis Saves Baby Ducks From Drowning With This Simple Tool

The city of Indianapolis has done something that will warm your heart. After learning that many baby ducks and geese end up dying when they can't leave the water of a canal, they found a way to help them.

They installed a series of tiny ramps that attach to the sides of the canals so that the small little fluff-balls will be able to pull themselves out of the water and carry on their way.

There are four different ramp points along the canal so geese and ducks can make their way up to the concrete edge. They are hopping that this will help because last year there were a number of dead ducks in the canal water.

The ramps are made from wood with insulation on the bottom so they float on the surface so the baby birds can easily hop on.

Even PETA is praising their decision, saying that they were "doing the right thing in striving to coexist with local wildlife."

If you like in the area make sure you keep an eye out for these little ducks using their fancy new ramps!

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