This Hotel Is Made Entirely Out Of Trailers And It's Simply Amazing

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This Hotel Is Made Entirely Out Of Trailers And It's Simply Amazing


When you decide to go on a vacation, every traveler knows it can be quite the daunting task to find a comfortable place to stay.

While some people might not care where they rest their head, others prefer to stay at an interesting location, matching the theme of their vacation.

But if you ever stay in the Neukí¶lln district in Berlin, there's one hotel almost anyone would love.

Hí¼ttenpalast is a 200-meter former vacuum cleaning factory, which was converted into an indoor caravan park, featuring 12 campers that start at €70 ($81 USD) a night.

Each caravan was decorated by a different designer, showing off a unique look and offers free Wi-Fi on location and communal bathrooms.

The "décor is a loving parody of the old, whimsical, German garden-patch aesthetic" and it offers a "breath of summer" even in winter, its website states, adding that guests can walk around in flip-flops with the venue's steady 68 degree temperatures.

The website notes that while the stationary caravans at Hí¼ttenpalast, meaning "Huts at the Palace," aren't soundproof - and that guests should respect each other's privacy - there is communal garden area with seating and planted pots for those looking for a small taste of the great outdoors.

Vacationers can treat themselves to the breakfast buffet for only €10.60 ($12.30 USD), and include fresh homemade fruit salad, nuts, honey, and organic cheese made from a local dairy farm.

If caravans aren't your style, Hí¼ttenpalast also offers six hotel rooms, with en-suite bathrooms, which "show off the beautiful factory architecture with large windows and high ceilings," and traditionally-styled wooden huts.

Take an inside look at the incredible indoor caravan park for yourself!

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