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15 Indoor Plants That Will Bring Positivity And Prosperity Into Your Life


There's a simple way to remove negative energy in your home and invite health, happiness, and wealth.  

Contrary to popular belief, plants are conscious. It's not just me saying that, researchers have discovered that plants can lose consciousness with the use of anesthetics without dying.

With this in mind, just like how people give off certain energies, plants can too.

Here are 15 plants you should keep inside your home to bring prosperity in your life.

1. Ferns

Ferns are fairly easy to grow, but only if they're growing in a relatively humid environment.

This plant is known to ward off negative energy and improve air quality by absorbing harmful toxins.

Their narrow leaves that feather out work best if they're placed in the corner of a room, closer to the front door.

2. Morning Glory

Every summer, I plant morning glories in my garden and bring a few in my house.

Not only do these plants look gorgeous on your windowsills, they also have a lot of positive effects on your life.

These blue flowers are said to bring happiness and peace, and are guaranteed to brighten your day.

It's believed that putting the seeds of the plant under your pillow prevents nightmares and encourages a full night's rest.

3. Feng Shui Money Plant

You'll usually find this small tree at Chinese restaurants, and they're sometimes adorned with Chinese gold coins.

This plant is well known for bringing good luck and wealth.

It won't grow money, of course, but it will help you attract it.

4. Lucky Bamboo

For thousands of years people have been planting lucky bamboo to bring peace and prosperity into their lives.

The more stalks of bamboo you have, the more positive energy you are inviting to cleanse the bad energies in your life.

According to Chinese traditions, each stalk represents the amount of luck you will receive.

Two stalks bring love, three stalks bring wealth and longevity, and seven stalks represent good health. Keep in mind, the more stalks you have, the more luck you'll receive.

5.  Lotus

The lotus flower is one of the most popular symbols of Buddhism, representing enlightenment or rebirth.

If you put a white lotus flower in your home, you're bringing in extremely positive energy, and anyone who enters your home will have their spirits lifted immediately.

Regardless of the flower's color, the lotus invites happiness into the lives of those who try their best to remain positive.

6. Sage

Every time I buy a new home, I burn sage and let the aroma fill every room.

Sage is said to protect your home, warding off evil spirits and bad energy in general.

I was recommended to do this by an Indigenous friend who believes sage is one of the most sacred plants in the world.

Research has shown that simply inhaling this herb boosts cognition.

7. Peace Lily

The plastic version of this beautiful dark green plant that grows white blooms can be found at IKEA or any other store that sells fake plants.

But the only way to reap it's benefits is if you grow the plant inside your home. The best part is that they can thrive in artificial light.

This plant does wonders for the air quality in your home and improves your health. For example, they're known to prevent asthma, headaches, cancers, and more.

8. Jade Plant

Jade is another popular plant people put in their home to bring wealth and prosperity.

This plant is also known as the friendship tree or the lucky plant. Their thick branches symbolize growth and renewal.

To best reap its benefits, place the plant close to a seating area. The closer you are to the plant and the better you care for it, the more good luck will be granted to you.

9. Jasmine

I've been around these white flowers for as long as I can remember, which is why I chose to name my first daughter Jasmine.

This plant is known to bring love into your life and strengthen your relationships.

During times of stress, breathe in the pleasant smell of your jasmine plant to encourage positive thinking.

This plant should be placed on a windowsill when indoors.

10. Lemon Tree

Growing this fruit will not only save you money the next time you go grocery shopping, it will also bring happiness into your home.

Place the tree in a bright spot, preferably close to a door.

11. Miniature Roses

Miniature roses attract good people in your life, which will ultimately bring you joy and health.

The main reason why I keep these small roses in my home is because they have healing properties.

Roses are anti-inflammatory and are known to soothe skin, alleviate anxiety, depression and digestive issues.

12. Orchids

This oddly shaped flower is stunning, but only if you take care of it properly.

This plant is believed to bring fertility, prosperity, and good luck into one's life.

To enhance your creativity, place several orchids in your home, especially in the living room area.

Make sure you don't put them in a dry environment, or else they'll wilt and eventually dry out.

13. Rosemary

This pleasant-smelling plant has powerful effects on your mind, spirit, and body.

Rosemary contains antibacterial and antioxidant properties that are known to alleviate stress and encourage good health.

Keep this herb in your bedroom to help you sleep.

14. Lavender

Lavender is my favorite color, and that's probably because of all the amazing properties of this plant.

Not only does Lavender smell amazing, it also encourages happiness and health.

Think about something you really want in life and smell your lavender plant.

15. Spider Plant

Don't be alarmed by this one, the name is deceiving!

The spider plant, also known as chlorophytum comosum, is great for your health.

Their long, narrow leaves purifies the air quality in your home. So put your plant by the fireplace or in the kitchen to detoxify the environment.

Which plants will you bring inside your home?

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