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Infectious Skin Condition Sealed His Eyes Shut, But Love Opened Them And Changed His Life

When Leo was brought to Animal Friends Project, founder Carmen Weinberg took one look at his sad face and fell in love.

The pitiful kitty was found wandering around a mobile home park, unable to see because of the horrible infection that covered most of his face.

"I found this precious boy looking like this.. it broke my heart," Carmen told LoveMeow.

Mange covered his upper body, sealing his eyes shut and spreading in scabs all over his ears and neck. Carmen says that they chose to name the lonely boy Leo, "He was so sweet and all he wanted to do was to rub against my hand," Carmen said.

It took a lot of TLC to bring this sweet boy back to his formerly sighted self. Carmen began treating him with medicine for mange and a bath with medicated shampoo. It took daily treatments, lots of good food and snuggles to bring him back to a good state of health.

Eventually, after two weeks of treatment, his eyes opened and he regained his strength!

Carmen says that as soon as he was able to see, he blossomed into a curious and playful kitty!

Now he's healthy and handsome!

After he made a full recovery, Leo found his forever home with a very nice man who lives nearby! His new name is Oppie and he's living his best life ever!

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[h/t LoveMeow]

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