Injured Police Officer Owes His Life To A Mysterious Stranger

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Injured Police Officer Owes His Life To A Mysterious Stranger

Help Officer Basurto & Family / Go Fund Me

Whether or not you believe in guardian angels, there's no denying that police officer Carlos Basurto is a lucky man.

The officer from San Mateo, California almost lost his life in a terrifying car crash earlier this month.

In a viral Facebook post, Basurto's brother Alfy says the injured cop owes his life to a mysterious, unidentified man who was in the right place at the right time.

"He said it was either me or the car in front of me"

Basurto has 13 years experience as a police officer, and he was driving home after a shift on the night of his accident.

"He was driving home from work late last week," Alfy shared in an emotional Facebook post. "He fell asleep at the wheel and rolled his car several times."

Carlos later told his brother that he woke up just before striking another car, and flipped his own vehicle because he swerved out of the way.

Basurto and his three siblings are all law enforcement officers. Help Officer Basurto & Family / Go Fund Me

"He said it was either me or the car in front of me," Alfy told the Mercury News.

Basurto was trapped inside his car, and Alfy says his brother "knew he was bleeding out at the scene."

Basurto was forced to ask a stranger who stopped by his car to tie a tourniquet around his injured arm.

"Carlos taught the man how to do it while he was trapped in his car," Alfy wrote.

In a twist of fate, Basurto had only learned how to tie a tourniquet two months earlier in a training session.

"He said the only thought on his mind was he did not want to die in his car. So he forced himself to remain conscious until emergency crews were able to remove him."

"Caring for someone in Carlos's condition wreaks havoc on your mind and body"

POA/PD Fundraising Team

It took the Jaws of Life to pry officer Basurto out of his car, and emergency room doctors said the tourniquets on his arm saved his life.

But the stranger who tied them on didn't wait at the scene for police to arrive.

"We don't know the person who helped him," Basurto's sister Norma Avelar said. "But whoever it is we would like to thank them for helping my brother save his life."

While Basurto was badly injured, Alfy says the dedicated officer was still worrying about his wife and four sons when he arrived at the hospital, asking staff to save his life for their sake.

Alfy shared a dramatic photo of Basurto's wife, Cindy, asleep next to his hospital bed.

"We all took turns sleeping with Carlos, but Cindy definitely put in the most hours in the hospital," he wrote.

"There's a lot of pain and suffering in this photo. Of course by Carlos, but also by Cindy. Caring for someone in Carlos's condition wreaks havoc on your mind and body."

So far Basurto has had four major surgeries, but he will need more reconstructive operations soon. His legs were nearly amputated, and his right arm will be permanently damaged from the crash.

"He's doing well for the circumstances," said Basurto's brother Jaime.

"By no means is he out of the woods yet, but he's made progress every day."

You can donate to Officer Basurto on his GoFundMe page.


It has been about 2 months since Carlos had his accident and he is home now. He's had at least 10 surgeries and is still recovering from his injuries. He has regained most of the use of his right hand, and although, he lost part of his left leg, this procedure surely saved his life. Everyone is amazed at how well Carlos is recovering, and he and his family attribute this to his positivity and all of your countless prayers. The Basurto Family have expressed they will never find the words to adequately express their gratitude, but want each of you to know they are forever grateful. On behalf of the men & women of the San Mateo Police Officers' Association, we are also extremely grateful to all of you who have sent prayers or made donations to Carlos' Go Fund Me account.

We thank you for being there for our brother.

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