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Inmates Create Clothing For Premature Babies

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Inmates in Wilsonville, Oregon are making one-of-a-kind clothing for premature babies.

Female inmates at Coffee Creek Correctional Institute have created a functional yet adorable clothing line in partnership with the Salem Health and Oregon Corrections Enterprises (OCE).

With the help of NICU nurses, the women were able to design sleepers that didn’t conflict with the preemies’s wires and tubes attached to their fragile frames, while also being comfortable to wear.

Before this project came into fruition, nurses had to take time out of their day to browse local retailers, and search for the limited clothing options for the tiny newborns.

“You don’t want a NICU nurse out shopping when they’re supposed to be doing their job,” Jonathan Fetterley, Salem Hospital's former linens services supervisor, told KHOU.

Nine women make up the team, which is part of OCE's textiles program at the prison. The program trains inmates in the basics of sewing, embroidery and quilting, where the most skilled participants are offered a spot on the production team.

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