Instantly Win Prizes On Shared

You've come to Shared because you saw something interesting and wanted to know more. We love that! We're a lot more than great life hacks and trending news though and we're going to prove it!

You now have a chance to win free stuff in our Instant Win Sweepstakes! Every time you read an article on Shared you'll have a new chance to win prizes.

We'll be giving out $5 Amazon gift cards every day to lucky audience members. Just scroll through an article that caught your eye and you will see a bar that will appear at the bottom of your screen. It will look something like this:

Click the bar and you'll know right away if you're taking home a prize because a new image will come up that looks like this:

We will need to know where to send the prize so you'll be asked to enter your email address and name. We won't sell your information and you can see our privacy policy here.

Not everyone can win every time. If you weren't lucky enough to win you'll see a message like this:

Win or lose each new article you read will give you a new chance to win!

You'll be able to go to a new article similar to the one you were reading, or you can finish the article you're on.

Join our Shared Sweeps Facebook page to stay up-to-date on all our sweepstakes information. You'll have the best chances to win that way!

We love that you've come to Shared and want to make the experience great for you. We are committed to bringing you trending, reliable and informative news and information. We want you to leave our site knowing something you didn't before. With a little luck you'll also be leaving with some free stuff!

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