Introducing America's First "Feline Officer"

Colorado's Fort Collins police department made history on Saturday when they introduced the newest member of the city's police force.

He may not look tough, but the department trusts Officer Buttersworth - America's first feline officer - to keep the streets safe.

On their Facebook page, the department wrote that the 1-year-old Himalayan cat "comes from a long line of working cats bred for their temperament and tracking abilities," and he puts his skills to good use tracking down  a cat burglar.

Officer Wier, officer Buttersworth's handler, says that Fort Collins is "fortunate to be the first and only claw enforcement agency in the United States with a cat on staff," and he's glad that his "pet project" has taken off.

Of course, this was only a joke for April Fools' day, but you must admit it was a pretty good one.

Some people who commented on the department's Facebook post were actually disappointed to learn the announcement wasn't true.

Other police departments joined in the fun, sharing pictures of their own animal recruits.

It may have only been a joke, but someday soon there could definitely be a feline police unit.

Cats have lots of skills that dogs simply don't, like climbing things, knocking things off tables, and even scratching up any criminals who cross their paths.

They may not be as easy too train as dogs, but we think they have a lot of potential!

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