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iPhone Battery Explodes After Man Bites It, And It's Not The First Bizarre Incident Reported

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A man has managed to cause an iPhone battery to explode in the middle of a store and it's causing quite the commotion.

In an electronics store, a man was looking to buy a replacement iPhone battery, but when he was handed one he tried biting it. It's assumed that he was testing to make sure it was authentic, but when he handed it back to the clerk, it suddenly exploded.

The enormous fire ball caught everyone in the store by surprise, but no one was harmed in the incident. People have been flocking to replace the batteries in their iPhones after Apple admitted to interfering with the charging abilities in their older phones. To compensate, they lowered the prices, but that hasn't stopped fakes from popping up.

The thing is, no one is quite sure why the man bit the battery in the first place, as it's really not an effective way to tell if it's a fake. It's unknown whether it exploded because it was in fact a fake, or because it was broken by his teeth, as it honestly isn't really a valid testing method even if it's real.

However, this isn't the first time that Apple products have caused serious incidents...

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