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Iron Chef Mario Batali Shares His Hack For Cooking Pasta Perfectly - Every time

No one is more defensive about their food than Italians, but they have good reason to be. While everyone loves pasta and pizza, we've seen takes on these classics that range from good to bad and even just plain ugly. Italian cooking is a long tradition, and you get the best results by staying as close to the authentic version of these dishes as possible. And nobody know more about making authentic Italian food than Mario Batali.

The TV host, chef and restaurant owner has forgotten more about cooking pasta perfectly than we'll ever know, so when he offers some advice we listen closely.

Recently, he shared his technique to make the perfect dish of pasta every time.

The chef explains that most people simply follow the directions on their box of pasta, but claims this is a mistake. Instead, he likes to cook the pasta "exactly one minute short of what they tell you to cook it for the package," but Batali's next step is just as important.

Instead of spooning sauce onto the pasta, Batali recommends dropping the pasta into the sauce and cooking it for about 40 seconds. He says this leaves your pasta "nicely al dente" without overcooking it.

The best part about this easy tip? Batalis says that if you can cook your pasta perfectly, you can serve it with anything. He even suggests "Campbell's cream of mushrooms."

So to summarize, cook your pasta for just a minute less than it says on the package before draining it and dropping that pasta into your saucepan to cook for less than a minute. It may sound different from what you're used to, but Batali owns Italian restaurants from New York to Hong Kong, so we trust his judgement.

Try this trick and let us know how it tastes!

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