Is April The Giraffe Even Pregnant?

For what feels like 15 years now, we have been waiting for April The Giraffe to give birth.

If you haven't heard about April, because you are somehow living in solitude, basically it's a live stream of a 'pregnant' giraffe and people are waiting for her to give birth.

Yep. That's it.

But here's the thing: people are no longer convinced that April is actually pregnant. The livestream started at the end of February, which was after April's predicted due date of mid-February.

"If anything, maybe we missed a cycle. Cycles are every 17 days, so maybe 17 days past what we thought was the due date. Or maybe 34 days after that," says Jordan Patch, who owns Animal Adventure Park where April lives.

The park says they witnessed breeding patterns between April and a male giraffe, Oliver, in October 2015. Since giraffe gestation lasts 15 months (at most) it makes sense that April would be giving birth soon...if she was really pregnant.

But with no real signs of anything happening, and over 2 BILLION minutes watched of this live stream (that's a real number, not an exaggeration), people are starting to get fed up.

Considering the zoo has raised over $60,000 for April and her supposed baby, it would be a pretty big deal if it turns out the giraffe is just packing on some pounds.

Obviously zoo officials know about this stuff better than any of us...but COME ON!! This just feels like a giant April Fool's joke that has gone on too long.

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