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It Had Been Two Years Since Her Dog Went Missing, But Then An Internet Ad Changed Everything

Mindy Levioke says that it's like "it's spring after a long winter" now that her precious dog has returned to her. Minnow, her Chihuahua mix, went missing 2 years ago and Mindy thought she would never see her again.

"I had her for nine years before she went missing," Mindy said with her best bud in her arms trying to sneak in a few kisses. Minnow got out of the house and ran off, leaving Mindy heartbroken missing her dog.

But almost two years after she ran off, someone posted her photo on Craiglist claiming she was a 4-year-old dog who needed to be adopted. A woman picked her up and brought her to the vet to get her checked out, that's when they scanned and found the microchip.

Mindy's address and phone number was still on the chip so the vet was able track her down and let her know that they found her dog. Mindy couldn't believe it.

The Humane Society does not recommend getting a dog off of Craigslist as it may be a situation like this where they don't actually know anything about the dog, or they could even be from a puppy mill.

Mindy hopes that the woman who returned Minnow will find her next dog through a Humane Society so she can be sure to find one in need of a new home.

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