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It Looked Like He Was Digging At This Veteran's Grave, But What He Actually Did Is Amazing

Unlike the rest of us that prefer spending our days off relaxing and enjoying some family time, Andrew Lumish prefers quality time with dead veterans.

Well, he isn't exactly socializing with the deceased, but he is making sure that their resting places are well-cared for.

The Florida resident also known as 'The Good Cemetarian' has made it his mission to restore the tombstone's of America's heroes so their stories and memories are brought back to life.

"Something bothered me. Their final resting places were total disasters. They'd been neglected from the time they'd been buried," the 46-year-old told Tampa Bay Times.

Lumish spends almost every sunday at the graveyard and he has already cleaned up over 300 tombstones. Some of the stones can take a few months to complete but that doesn't deter his motivation.

He uses his expertise as a full-time carpet and upholstery cleaner to wash and polish tombstones including some that date all the way back to the early 1900s.

Once completed, he shares his incredible work on his Facebook page along with some information about the deceased so they can remembered and honored.

"If you properly restore the monuments, you can begin an entire conversation, and potentially -- in a figurative sense -- bring that person back to life" Lumish told CBS News.

Welcome all !! This evenings restoration is that of a Veteran of the first World War...I chose to share his restoration...

Posted by The Good Cemeterian on Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Take a look at his other restoration projects:

If you're interested in the rest of his work, check out The Good Cemeterian Facebook page.

The world needs more selfless humans like Lumish. We deserves to be applauded for the work he's doing for our heroes.

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