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It's a Family Reunion! Fiona and Her Parents Come Together in Heart-Warming Photos

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There is no cuter family selfie, than the one captured the the Cincinnati Zoo this week.

Family reunions can often be awkward when you're stuck talking to your dad's brother's cousin who you have never met before. Then posing for that family photo to mark the occasion, can make you feel like you want to run for the hills.

When Fiona the once premature baby hippo was reunited with her parents for the first time, it was anything but awkward.

Fiona was the first Nile hippo born in the Cincinnati Zoo in 75 years. She was born six weeks early and weighed 29 pounds , which is half the size they they're supposed to be.

Thanks to around the clock care, the hippo is thriving. At 6 months old she reached a healthy 265 pounds for a young hippo.

Fiona was introduced to her mom Bibi and the two got along great.

“Fiona and Bibi have been doing great together! The speed and fluidity with which the two have developed their bond has been hugely beneficial to Fiona’s mental, social and physical well-being," the zoo wrote on their blog.  

"Bibi has astounded our care team with her patience, tolerance and attentiveness towards Fiona. She has demonstrated a very real understanding that Fiona is a baby and must be interacted with and handled in a gentle way, a stark contrast to some of her interactions with Henry!" they wrote.

"Since Fiona spent so much of the beginning of her life in the care of humans, we don’t know if Bibi and Fiona understand that they are mother and daughter, however their fondness for each other cannot be denied and Bibi has definitely taken on the roll of mentor to our little hippo baby. Both genuinely seem to enjoy their mouthy and slobbery interactions, and Bibi seems intent on teaching Fiona how to behave like a proper hippo, even gently disciplining Fiona when necessary,” they said.

Now it was time for mom, dad and baby to finally be reunited. See the adorable photos on the next page.

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