Ivanka Trump Caught In Controversy Because Of Her Company

Just like her business mogul-turned-politician father, Ivanka Trump found success in the business world by building her own fashion empire.

But contrary to her and her family's "pro-worker" and "buy American" agenda, Ivanka's brand flourished at the expense of underpaid and overworked factory workers.

G-III Apparel group, the licensed manufacturer responsible for fabricating items for Trump's clothing line was recently audited and the findings were startling.

The 80-worker factory was flagged by the Fair Labor Association for violating two dozen standards set by the U.N. International Labor Organization according to The Washington Post. The inspection report also highlighted that the Chinese laborers were paid about $62 weekly despite working upwards of 60 hours per week. Similar positions in other factories paid twice this amount.

In Addition to the overtime hours, workers were "not receiving legally mandated pension, medical, or housing benefits, and received only five days of paid leave per year, with some exceptions."

This isn't the first time that G-III has been called out for unfair labor practices. Since 2007, the manufacturer's various locations have been inspected 7 times by the Fair Labor Association. This is the same manufacturer that is behind brands like Calvin Klein and Donna Karan.

This news comes in the heels of Ivanka's announcement that she no longer hold a management position in her namesake company due to conflict of interest as a White House advisor. However, she still retains some ownership.

No statement has been released to address the factory inspection issue.

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